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All You Need Is Ride #6

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If you’re reading this, then we definitely have something in common. Our passion is like a virus. The more we share it, the bigger it gets. That’s the essence of this fanzine; its reason for being. This is Adrien’s brainchild – He, the great admirer of inspired mechanics, friend of artists consumed by gasoline, collector of scribblers obsessed by the road and its machines. As for me, I tend to ride alone. But when he asked me to write this editorial, I did not hesitate. Sign me up right now to become a member of the family. You see my friend, it’s all about freedom here. About the road as we dream it. This issue is the sixth bullet, and we aim for the heart. Let me know if we hit the target. Already, we’re ready to reload. All we need is ride ! // Editorial by Olivier – The Motorcycle Boy


Summary : Blackbridge Motorcycles // Cherry’s Company « Street Fighter » // Muchomoto // Cosmic Nozems Motor Show // Praëm // Vintage Heroes // Rider on the Storm // « Ze Chevalier » Serge Nuques // Coming Out Hipster // The fluid mechanics… // Sahra Trigo // Gary’s Z50 // Sandraiders // Les Vagabonds sur Deux Roues // No Fucking RattleSnakes // Art by Shannon Brooke // When I was young…